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wca-raccoon-teeDonate and Get a Special T-Shirt! They are handy masked backyard denizens. Celebrated in story, songs and films like Disney’s Pocahontas or the more recent Guardians of the Galaxy raccoons are a favorite in our animal world. They are smart, family oriented animals that possess paws very similar to human hands. That clever intelligence is why the Wildlife Care Association (WCA) needs your help keeping them safe as they recover after rescue in our region.

Raccoons are one of the top 3 mammal species taken in by WCA every year, and they are often found orphaned after a parent has been killed, or trapped and relocated. Smart and feisty, raccoons are a handful to raise and require special care while they are prepared for return to the wild.

You can help these babies have a second chance at life by donating to WCA’s campaign to crowd-fund a new enclosure, which will include room for them to play, exercise and learn survival skills.

D O N A T E   O N L I N E

Donate through WCA’s campaign on Bonfire Funds

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When you donate the minimum amount online, you will receive a special t-shirt, available only to donors.


We challenge you to give us the bird! 

As the non-profit provider of rescue, recovery and release of injured, orphaned and displaced birds and small animals, Wildlife Care Association (WCA) is challenging the Sacramento region to give us the bird!

> Visit our fabulous Facebook and Instagram galleries for ideas!

Take a photo of a bird, or birds in your backyard, local parks or other wild Sacramento regional location. Submit it on the Wildlife Care Association Facebook page as a message with photo attached!

The quarterly contest begins October 1, 2015 and concludes Dec 31, 2015. Entries can be made in two categories –Under 12, and everyone Over 12 years old. If you are Under 12 years old you can enter free!

Individual entries in the Over 12 category should include a minimum $5.00 donation to WCA thru the Facebook donation button! Each photo may be entered only once, but individuals may submit more than one each quarter. Submissions should include your email, the location photo was taken, and your best guess what type of bird this might be.

The WCA Quarterly Photo Contest winner will be awarded a special prize including a guided tour of the Rescue Dome at McClellan Park, their photo featured in the newsletter, posted at the rescue facility and on Facebook/Instagram

Submit Your Photo on Facebook

Give us the bird! Snap some shots, submit them and let’s see if they fly!

For more information call 916-965-WILD

Media: Rick Reed (916)-704-0080info@rickreedpr.com

One winner will be chosen from submissions to determine a winner. WCA staff reserves the right to select a winner from content and other factors including artistic merit. All photos submitted become the property of WCA for its use in outreach, education and fundraising.

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